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Dear Dr.Trovato, thank you so much for seeing me yesterday on such short notice. we really appreciate it!


April 2, 2017

Presley sent us a handmade postcard.

Dear, Dr. Trovato Thank you for being a plastic surgeon and helping hurt childrean like me. you are very kind. I hope to see you soon (When I'm in one piece!) Love, Maya and Millan. Merry Christmas.


December 25, 2015

Maya is very appreciative of her KidKutsMD™ doctor.

Dear, Dr Trovato You are the bests Dr. in the hole world! thank you for keeping me health! P.S. I love you so much that you are so so so silly!


November 6, 2015

Kaelyn is healing nicely with help from her KIdKutsMD™ doctor.

Doctor in surgery


May 21, 2015

I am incredibly thankful for Dr. Trovato and Kerri for their care and love of their patients. My daughter (4) had a twirling mishap and hit the corner of her dresser. The cut was very close to the eye, so the doctors did not want to touch it and potentially cause life-long skin challenges.

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They recommended KidKutsMd.com and I am so glad I listened. Dr. Trovato met me at a partner ER within an hour of contact (on a Sunday). My daughter was obviously scared, but as soon as he arrived, Dr. Trovato had her laughing. His bedside manner is amazing – you can tell he loves children. He puts great care and detail into what he does. Her scar is minimal, and I know the full scar result is based on my ability to keep her out of the sun. My daughter still talks about Dr. Trovato, but his name is now “the funny doctor”.

If the incredible experience with Dr. Trovato was not enough, his business office manager, Kerri, is incredibly caring and patient-focused. I made the appointment with KidKuts, knowing that he out of network on my insurance. I was, honestly, very scared about what financial situation I would face, but Kerri took the time to give me a “worst case estimate”, which allowed me to evaluate what I wanted to do. Obviously, my child’s face and eye function comes before potential debt, so I proceeded. Without me knowing, Kerri contacted my insurance company and explained the situation, and how time sensitive and critical the surgery was due to the proximity to her eye. Amazingly, my insurance agreed and covered everything “in network”. I cannot believe that in today’s healthcare world, she cares that much about their patients and took the time to fight for us. I am in awe and so incredibly appreciative. I have referred Dr. Trovato and KidKutsMD.com to so many parents, and will continue to do so. My daughter’s eye looks great and the love and care of this team is unparalleled.
Nina F. Allen, Texas

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