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Concierge Plastic Surgery in Dallas

Concierge Pediatric Plastic Surgery Service

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Being called to care for children in the Emergency Room setting over many years, we recognized all too often an anxious child and parent sitting for hours in the waiting room until the plastic surgeon arrived to provide specialized treatment for their injury. So we developed KidKutsMD™ to offer families in the Dallas metroplex a concierge plastic surgery service that offers compassionate care and an efficient way to meet their plastic surgeon. Our mission is to provide compassionate, individualized, highly efficient, specialty care for injuries big and small and deliver a positive experience and optimal results.

By using our proprietary KidKutsMD™ mobile application, our pediatric plastic surgeon specialist can initially evaluate the digital image of your child's injury, thereby helping to establish a care plan. Then, we coordinate care with you or your point of contact to arrange for a board-certified or board-eligible pediatric plastic surgeon to meet you and your child at one of our preferred facilities. Our timely response eliminates ER waiting rooms, ensuring prompt specialty care, a positive experience, and optimal cosmetic results.

Which KidKutsMD™ iOS mobile app do I need?

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Avoid unnecessary waiting in ER and arrange a care plan specific to your family’s needs. Our affiliated facilities for surgery include Medical City Frisco, Medical City Dallas Children’s Hospital.

All KidKuts patients can be seen and treated at Advance ER Dallas and Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute when appropriate. Additionally, we partner with a medspa and treatment facility, EpiCentre Skin Care, and Laser Centers located in Dallas.

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Our available iOS mobile apps include:


Eliminate the need for ER waiting rooms and ensure rapid specialty care for your child due to facial injury lacerations, dog bites, sports-related injuries, kitchen accidents, etc.Receive the best chance for optimal cosmetic laceration repair results for your child with the KidKutsMD™ mobile app available on iOS only.


Through our proprietary mobile application, clinicians and parents have a fast, easy, accurate assessment of a newborn’s ear shape. Should treatment be recommended, we coordinate immediate care by a local specialist in our preferred provider network. We assist pediatricians, neonatal care units, and parents by providing direct access to pediatric specialists to evaluate and treat newborn ear deformities. Our team offers compassionate, immediate, specialized care for newborn ear deformities .


The need for rapid, efficient, individualized access to an abdominal surgical specialist is well-recognized by practitioners in adult and pediatric primary care, urgent care, and emergency room settings. Over the course of many years of being called to care for appendicitis, cholecystitis, bowel obstruction, we recognize an anxious parent or patient sitting for hours in the exam room until a surgeon arrives to provide specialized evaluation and treatment.

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With the success of KidKutsMD™ and KidEarsMD™, we developed LapAppyMD™ to give kids and parents in the Dallas metroplex a concierge service that offers compassionate and efficient care for providers to reach a surgeon. For more information, call 855-LAP-APPY to speak with our Patient Care Coordinators or email [email protected].


We assist primary care doctors, urgent care facilities, and patients by providing direct 24/7 access to surgery specialists for hand injuries. Use our mobile app to purchase HandCallMD™ membership and speak directly with one of our HandCallMD™ specialists to schedule an appointment, evaluation, and treatment plan that best suits your patient’s needs.

Download your KidKutsMD™ app today

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Here are five quick steps to download your KidKutsMD™ app:

  1. Choose the app and input your healthcare information and your child's information.
  2. Select a membership
  3. Use the photo guide to take pictures of your child's injury.
  4. Submit and send your photos through the app for a preliminary evaluation.
  5. Call 855-KID-KUTS to speak with our Patient Care Coordinator and schedule your child or family member's evaluation and repair.

Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Trovato will evaluate the digital images you send via our mobile app to determine a baseline care plan for your child to be comfortable before coming to the surgical treatment facility. The app then enables us to coordinate care between you and one of our board-certified or board-eligible injury specialists.

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Our Doctors

Our doctors provide outstanding plastic corrective surgery for infants and children, as well as cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery for adults. The mission of our KidKutsMD™ and KidEarsMD™ providers is to offer compassionate, efficient, and timely emergency concierge plastic surgery in Dallas when and where you need it.

For more information, call 855-KID-KUTS to speak with our Patient Care Coordinators or email [email protected]. KidKutsMD™ and our associated mobile apps are a concierge service for non-emergencies only. If you or your child are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency department for immediate evaluation. We serve members in North Texas: Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Richardson, Carrollton, Addison.

Download KidEarsMD™ and become a member today

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While our provider and member network continues to grow, we currently serve the Dallas metroplex, including Baylor, HCA, and several local facilities.

Call 855-KID-KUTS between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. CST to speak directly with our Patient Care Coordinators and determine which of our membership plans best suits your individual needs for Dallas concierge plastic surgery access OR email [email protected] for membership details.

  • For Parents – Annual family subscription with unlimited, immediate access to our pediatric ear specialists.
  • Neonatal Care Units, Pediatricians, and Primary Care Providers – Annual subscription with multi-use access to our pediatric ear specialists.

We developed KidEarsMD™ to provide kids and parents in the Dallas metroplex with a concierge, compassionate, and efficient way to meet their plastic surgeon when and where they need them, most often with care provided in a convenient and quiet setting.

The concierge plastic surgery app for children’s cuts and scars

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