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All better & still brave!

Concierge Plastic Surgery App for children’s cuts and scars In Dallas

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KidKutsMD Premium Care

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Your "fast pass" for urgent injury care, whenever you need it.

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The most efficient way to minimize your child's traumatic experience.

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The highest quality of care with a network of board-certified and board-eligible plastic surgeons.

As parents, we try to anticipate what our kids need and protect them the best we can. For cuts and lacerations, KidKutsMD™ is that important first step to making it all better.

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Being called to care for children in the Emergency Room setting over many years, we recognized all too often an anxious child and parent sitting for hours in the waiting room until the plastic surgeon arrived to provide specialized treatment for their injury. We developed KidKutsMD™ to provide kids and parents in the Dallas metroplex with a concierge, compassionate, and efficient way to meet their plastic surgeon when needed, with care provided in a convenient, quiet setting.

How KidKutsMD Works

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Our mission is to provide compassionate, individualized, highly efficient specialty care for injuries big and small and deliver a positive experience and optimal results.

By using our proprietary KidKutsMD™ mobile application, our Dallas pediatric plastic surgeon specialist can initially evaluate the digital image of your child's injury, thereby helping to establish a care plan. We coordinate care with you (or your point of contact) and arrange for our board-certified and board-eligible pediatric plastic surgeons in Dallas to meet you and your child at one of our preferred facilities, thereby eliminating ER waiting rooms. By using KidsKutsMD™, you are giving your child the best chance at prompt specialty care, a positive experience, and optimal cosmetic results.

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KidKutsMD for Patients

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Step 1: Assess the Injury

KidKutsMD™ offers plastic surgery intervention for serious but non-life-threatening injuries that could result in permanent scarring or disfigurement if left untreated. In cases of compound fractures, broken bones, amputations, or severe bleeding, it is best to seek immediate emergency medical care at a hospital or ER first. Then, when your child’s condition is stable, contact us.

Step 2: Download the iOS App white right arrow

Step 2: Download KidKutsMD™

KidKutsMD™ is fast and free to download from the App Store for iPhone users.

Note: if you don’t have an iPhone, you can still use KidKutsMD™! Just call 855-KID-KUTS to speak with our Patient Care Coordinator or email [email protected].

Step 3: Share Photos white right arrow

Step 3: Share photos of your kid’s injury

Once you download the app, you will be prompted to take a picture of your child’s injury. This helps our team of concierge plastic surgery providers to know exactly what to expect so they can be ready to treat your child when you arrive for care.

Learn more about common injuries

Step 4: Schedule Your Appointment white right arrow

Step 4: Schedule your appointment

In the app, you will be given options on qualifying treatment locations nearest you. We know in emergencies, every minute counts, so we make sure to align you with a location and time that get your child the care they need as soon as possible to minimize scarring.

Looking for scar revisions? We treat those, too!

Step 5: Avoid the Lines white right arrow

Step 5: Avoid long lines.

The anxiety and the suffering of your child waiting injured for hours in a waiting room can seem unbearable. KidKutsMD™ lets you skip the line at the emergency room and receive fast, effective treatment for cuts that require stitches, with beautiful results.

Help in a stitch

Step 6: Concierge Plastic Surgeon white right arrow

Step 6: Let our concierge surgeon make it all better.

With KidKutsMD™, you’re not just helping protect your child’s future from scars and suffering. You’re making it all better, faster.

Our service quickly pairs you up with an available plastic surgeon to offer superior care for superficial injuries through a concierge platform. That means we see your child faster, without long waits or suffering. Start the healing process faster with concierge plastic surgery.

Learn more about concierge plastic surgery

Step 7: Don’t Forget Your Toy & Snack white right arrow

Step 7: Don’t forget your toy and snack!

We remember how scary it felt as kids to have to go to the ER. In addition to the physical pain, there was also the fear and anxiety, the very real dread of something being permanently wrong with us.

That’s why with KidKutsMD™, we treat each patient the way we wanted to be treated as kids. That means kindness, reassurance, and of course, a toy and a snack when the procedure is done. We love watching kids who came to us crying leave with smiles on their faces (and maybe even a little happy dance!). That’s the mission of KidKutsMD™.

Step 8: Continued Aesthetic Help white right arrow

Step 8: Continued aesthetic help for your family on your terms

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll find your KidKutsMD™ membership offers so much more than just care for injuries or cuts. Think of us as your personal plastic surgeon.

When you are a KidKutsMD™ member, you get priority treatment for your family’s aesthetic needs, whether it is an emergency or a procedure that you’ve wanted for some time. From cleft palates to ear repair to scars large and small, scheduling a procedure with your KidKutsMD™ provider is the simple, easy, and effective way to keep your family looking as happy and healthy as they feel.

Cleft palates and other plastic surgery options

KidEarsMD for Newborn Ear Deformities

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KidEarsMD™ follows the same principle as KidKutsMD. By working with pediatricians, neonatal care units, and parents, we can provide swift and effective evaluation and treatment for newborn ear deformities.

Many times, your doctor will be able to tell that an ear deformity will happen before birth. Other times, it happens as part of the process. KidEarsMD™ provides concierge plastic surgery procedures when and where you need them, be that in your operating room immediately following delivery or following your recovery. Compassionate, immediate care for newborn ear deformities is a click away with KidEarsMD.

Our favorite reviews are in marker!

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“My daughter (4) had a twirling mishap and hit the corner of her dresser. The cut was very close to the eye, so the doctors did not want to touch it and potentially cause life-long skin challenges. … Dr. Trovato met me at a partner ER within an hour of contact (on a Sunday). My daughter was obviously scared, but as soon as he arrived, Dr. Trovato had her laughing. … My daughter still talks about Dr. Trovato, but his name is now “the funny doctor.” … I have referred Dr. Trovato and KidKutsMD.com to so many parents and will continue to do so. My daughter’s eye looks great and the love and care of this team is unparalleled.”
— Nina F. Allen, Texas

Dear Dr.Trovato, thank you so much for seeing me yesterday on such short notice. we really appreciate it!
Dear, Dr. Trovato Thank you for being a plastic surgeon and helping hurt children like me. you are very kind. I hope to see you soon (When I'm in one piece!) Love, Maya and Millan. Merry Christmas.
Dear, Dr Trovato You are the bests Dr. in the hole world! thank you for keeping me health! P.S. I love you so much that you are so so so silly!

In case of emergency…

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KidKutsMD™ is a little digital peace of mind for you and your active family. While you can’t protect your kids all the time, you can make sure that you have a trained medical professional standing by in case of an emergency. Download our app today on the Apple Store, or for more information, call 855-KID-KUTS to speak with our Patient Care Coordinator or email [email protected]

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KidKutsMD for Surgeons

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Become a KidKutsMD™ Exclusive Provider

KidKutsMD™ began as a way to provide concierge plastic surgery services for children in Dallas, TX. With the creation of the KidKutsMD™ app, we are expanding this proven model to plastic surgeons across the nation!

We seek qualified, board-certified and board-eligible plastic surgeons who love working with kids and enjoy helping families in their moments of crisis. As KidKutsMD™ providers ourselves, we can attest to how rewarding this type of work can be. We look forward to welcoming you to the KidKutsMD™ family!

Claim your Exclusive Provider Radius

It pays to be an early adopter!

As we expand, we work with our providers and support them in joining the KidKutsMD™ mission by letting them choose a five-mile radius around their practices. This ensures that our providers have an area they can call their own, and our patients know that they won’t have to drive far to reach the help they need in a hurry.

Network with Families in Your Area

As a KidKutsMD™ Exclusive Provider, you gain access to our growing list of thousands of parents who love their kids and care about their futures.

Demonstrating your skills as a surgeon to these families provides you with incredible opportunities to make life-long connections and lasting change in the lives of the families close to you. We love the hand-drawn “thank you” cards we get from our KidKutsMD™ patients, and we know you will love yours, too!

The concierge plastic surgery app for children’s cuts and scars

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