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Forehead Cut Treatment in Dallas

Cut and Wound Care for the Face

Forehead Cuts in Dallas by KidKutsMD™

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In the event of a major injury or trauma, KidKutsMD™ is a mobile app offering a concierge service to ensure rapid specialty care for your child due to facial injury lacerations, dog bites, sports-related injuries, kitchen accidents, etc. Receive the best chance for optimal cosmetic results for your child.

How can I prevent scarring of the cut on my child's forehead?

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When an injury or forehead cut occurs on the skin, a scab forms to protect the wound as the skin works to repair itself. New tissue forms underneath, and the body responds by making collagen - a tough, white protein fiber that reconnects broken tissue.

The scab falls off when the healing is complete, and the skin is repaired; however, a scar is often left in its place. Scars appear different from our normal skin because it is made up of collagen, which is stronger but less flexible than the skin around it. As a result, it can take months for the scar to fade and look like normal skin. To help a scar appear less visible, options include:

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  • Apply sun protection to avoid skin discoloration
  • Massage the scar to soften and flatten it over time
  • Apply silicone sheets or gels to soften and improve the appearance of the scar

Scar treatments will only minimize the appearance of the scar because scars cannot be entirely erased.

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Should I be concerned my child's scar appears to be getting larger?

Most of the time, scars are a cosmetic issue. However, medical concerns may arise if your child's scar takes on specific characteristics.

Keloid scars

Typically appear raised above the skin's surface and spontaneously enlarge -often extending beyond the injury to form a firm in an irregular shape. They may appear pink, red, or purple and be smooth, shiny, or rough in texture.

Hypertrophic scars

Form to be pink, red, or purple in appearance and are often noticeable with a thick and raised texture. This scar does not extend beyond the injury.

It's essential to speak to your pediatrician if you suspect your child's scar is a keloid or hypertrophic scar. You can also download the KidKutsMD™ mobile app to be referred to a pediatric plastic surgeon immediately.

Preventing injuries

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To avoid scars, it is vital to apply preventative measures to help your child avoid and prevent facial injuries.

Several suggestions to prevent childhood injury include:

  • Teaching children not to chew or suck on hard, sharp, or pointed objects.

  • Instructing children not to run or walk with sharp objects either in their hands or their mouths.

  • Requiring children to wear protective sports gear, i.e., face guards, eye and ear sportswear.

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Wound healing & Care

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As the largest organ in our body, our skin protects us from bacteria, fungi, and viruses that live on its surface. When the skin is broken, there is a risk of germs getting inside the body and causing an infection. Childhood injuries can happen when you least expect them. For example, if your child receives a forehead cut or other facial injury, seek immediate care to have the wound evaluated for infection. Two types of wounds include:

Clean Wound

A clean wound has the lowest risk of infection and is not contaminated with bacteria. It also helps if the wound is in a place that has a low risk of infection. In addition, clean wounds are often sutured right away without risk of infection.

Dirty Wound

A dirty wound becomes infected when dirt or a foreign object becomes lodged in the wound. Your doctor may decide to now sew up the wound until it is cleaned out properly - such as an animal bite. Closing a wound that may be contaminated can trap bacteria and lead to infection.

Our Doctors

Our doctors provide outstanding plastic corrective surgery for infants and children, as well as cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery for adults. The mission of our KidKutsMD™ and KidEarsMD™ providers is to offer compassionate, efficient, and timely emergency concierge plastic surgery when and where you need it. We strive to deliver the best forehead cut treatment Dallas has to offer.

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Our mission is to provide compassionate, individualized, highly efficient, specialty care for injuries big and small and deliver a positive experience and optimal results. By using our proprietary KidKutsMD™ mobile application, our pediatric plastic surgeon specialist can initially evaluate the digital image of your child's injury, thereby helping to establish a care plan. Then, we coordinate care with you or your point of contact to arrange for a board-certified or board-eligible pediatric plastic surgeon to meet you and your child at one of our preferred facilities. Our timely response eliminates ER waiting rooms, ensuring prompt specialty care, a positive experience, and optimal cosmetic results.

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