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Infant Ear Correction in Dallas


Assisting pediatricians, neonatal care units, and parents by providing direct access to pediatric specialists to evaluate and treat newborn ear deformities.

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Compassionate, immediate, specialized care for newborn ear deformities

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Forty-five percent of newborns have some form of congenital ear deformity. Dallas Infant ear correction options are available for your baby for most types of ear deformities.

Through our proprietary mobile application KidEarsMD™ (available only on iOS), clinicians and parents have a fast, easy, accurate assessment of a newborn's ear shape. Should treatment be recommended, we coordinate immediate care by a local specialist in our preferred provider network. Membership subscription options are now available:

  • For Parents
  • Pediatricians
  • Neonatal Care Units

If you live in the Dallas metroplex, we can serve you and your family. Download our KidEarsMD™ app, access the patient portal, take pictures of your child's ear, and send it directly to our office. Our dedicated staff will be in touch with you to arrange a consultation.

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Types of ear deformities

Common congenital ear deformities include anotia, microtia, hypoplastic (underdeveloped ear), ear tags, and ear hemangioma. When ear deformity correction happens ideally within the first week of life, a high level of ideal results is achieved. The more severe newborn ear deformities include:

Conchal Crus Infant Ear Deformity

Conchal Crus is often associated with other ear deformities but is characterized by abnormal cartilage development that makes the ear look as if it is divided in half.

Constricted Ears of the Infant

Constricted ears include various ear deformities when the helical rim is folded over -known as lop ear, appears tight or excessively wrinkled.

Cup Infant Deformity

This is a severe form of Prominent Ear Deformity as a cup deformity results from an incomplete opening in the ear or appearing to fold out of the ear. In addition, cup infant deformity is characterized by a 'rosebud' that has not yet bloomed.


The ears appear buried and have no skin visible behind them. Cryptotia is a common ear deformity among the Asian population.


Lidding is characterized when the upper third of the ear is 'folded over' the helical rim.

Prominent Ear Deformity

Difficult to diagnose, a prominent ear deformity is when the ears stick out - which is not always feasible to assess in a newborn.

Stahl's Infant Ear Deformity

Also known as 'Spock Ears,' the Stahl's deformity is when a transverse crus extends outward rather than bends.

What causes infant ear deformities?

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Ear deformities are typically present at birth and can be a symptom of a genetic disorder, such as CHARGE, Goldenhar syndromes, or due to a genetic mutation. Many ear deformities are only a cosmetic concern and may be attributed to the following:

  • Insufficient blood supply during fetal development
  • In-utero exposure to certain medications or toxins
  • Viral infection from the mother, such as Rubella or the flu

Some ear deformities may affect hearing or cause developmental delays.


Infant Ear Correction

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Nearly one in four children are affected by 'misshapen ears' or congenital ear deformities at birth.

However, through innovative technology, non-invasive infant ear correction is available for newborns. Traditionally, infant ear correction in Dallas could not happen until the child became five years old. However, treatment can occur within the first to six weeks of life and before the baby's ear cartilage stiffens with early diagnosis.

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Our Infant Ear Correction Doctors

Our doctors provide outstanding plastic corrective surgery for infants and children, as well as cosmetic and reconstructive pediatric plastic surgery for adults. The mission of our KidKutsMD™ and KidEarsMD™ providers is to offer compassionate, efficient, and timely emergency concierge plastic surgery when and where you need it.