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KidKutsMD Follow-Up Instructions KidKutsMD Consultants, LLC

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your child (or you!). KidkutsMD strives to consistently deliver compassionate and highly efficient care, and that doesn't stop at the initial repair. We are now a resource for you to ensure that the healing process ends with an optimal outcome.

Following Repair:

  • Your child's activity level should remain low for 2-3 days after surgery but will be able to resume normal activities following this.
  • Your child can take a shower 24 hours following their procedure. If the revision is of a scar anywhere other than the face/neck, ask the office about instructions for a bath; otherwise, baths are fine after 24 hours, as well.
  • If there is any specific sport/activity that your child is involved in, please ask about when going back to this would be appropriate. However, for the most part, they should be able to go back to full activity after 1 week.
  • Depending on where the repair is, the type of sutures and dressings placed will vary:
    • Most usually, sutures will be dissolvable, and there will be Dermabond (skin glue) that is placed over the incision line.
      • In these cases, there is very little aftercare required until the Dermabond flakes off after 7-10 days.
      • Baths/showers/swimming can resume after 24 hours.
      • Once the dermabond has come off, you are able to go directly to scar care – as explained in the next section.
      • From time to time, the Dermabond stays longer than 10 days – this is fine! At this point, you can use a gentle washcloth to lightly rub over the area, this will help the edges of the Dermabond to lift off and eventually loosen.
    • If SteriStrips (small medical tapes) are placed over the incision line:
      • Showering can take place after 24 hours, please just take care that the surgical area isn't being soaked (like in a bath) for long periods of time.
      • SteriStrips will loosen and fall off on their own after about 7 days.
      • SteriStrips may be reapplied at a follow up appointment.
      • If there are non-absorbable sutures underneath the SteriStrips, they will be clipped at a follow-up.
      • If SteriStrips fall off before one week, you can replace them with a bandaid.
      • Scar care can be started after all sutures are removed and SteriStrips have fallen off.
  • The type of sutures used (absorbable/non-absorbable) should be indicated by the surgeon, but if you are unsure:
    • Blue or Black sutures: non-absorbable; Your child will need to come into the office for these to be removed around 7 days following the repair.
    • Tan sutures: absorbable; These sutures do not need to be removed, and will loosen and eventually fall off. This typically happens after 1 week or so.
  • If the repair was performed around the mouth/lips, please have your child eat soft foods for 3-4 days. Nothing requiring a lot of chewing/crunching.
  • Depending on the type of injury, the physician may prescribe an antibiotic for a few days. Be sure you pick this up and that your child takes the full course!

Scar Care:

  • Scar care is very important in ensuring the repair is optimally successful in minimizing the appearance of the scar.
  • For 3 months following the procedure, the scar should be physically concealed from the sun. Depending on the location of the incision line, you could accomplish this in a few ways:
    • Wearing a hat when outside.
    • Using a BandAid or paper tape over in incision when outside.
  • We recommend using a Scar Gel or Silicone Tape (depending on where the incision is; this will be discussed in follow-up). We carry a few products in our office that are tried and true. You can give our office a call to discuss!
  • After 3 months, SPF-70 or higher should be used on the area.

Follow Up:

  • One of the positives of KidKutsMD is that you will receive an excellent follow-up guide with the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and their well-trained staff. This doesn't happen with ERs!
  • If your child requires suture removal, please call our office (855) 543-5887 to schedule a 1-week follow-up.
  • If your child does not require suture removal, please call our office to schedule a 2-3 week follow-up.
  • Any subsequent follow-ups needed will be scheduled upon leaving the office.
  • In follow-ups, the healing process will be assessed, and recommendations will be made to optimize the aesthetic outcome.

You may call our office at (855) 543-5887 with any questions that you may have, or you can send a message to our frequently monitored email, [email protected].

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