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Assisting pediatricians, neonatal care units, and parents by providing direct access to pediatric specialists for the evaluation and treatment of newborn ear deformities.

Through our proprietary mobile application, clinicians and parents have a fast, easy, accurate assessment of a newborn’s ear shape. Should treatment be recommended, we coordinate immediate care by a local specialist in our preferred provider network.

Compassionate, immediate, specialized care for newborn ear deformities.

Call 855-KID-KUTS between 8am and 4pm CST to speak directly with our Patient Care Coordinator and determine which of our membership plans best suits your individual needs for concierge plastic surgery access OR email for membership details.

  • For Parents – Annual family subscription with unlimited, immediate access to our pediatric ear specialists.
  • Neonatal Care Units, Pediatricians, and Primary Care Providers – Annual subscription with multi-use access to our pediatric ear specialists.