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Dr. Trovato and KidKutsMD™ featured in LifeSigns.


“When I’m in one piece!”

Patient's note
Maya is very appreciative of her KidKutsMD™ doctor.

Thank you for keeping me healthy!

Dear Dr. Trovato. You are the best dr. in the whole world! Thank you for keeping me healthy! P.S.: I love you so much that you arte so so so silly!
Kaelyn is healing nicely with help from her KIdKutsMD™ doctor.

Scar Treatment: Ask the Plastic Surgeon

Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Matthew Trovato answers the question, "What can I do about a scar my child received at the ER?"

“The Funny Doctor”

Dr. Trovato

I am incredibly thankful for Dr. Trovato and Kerri for their care and love of their patients. My daughter (4) had a twirling mishap and hit the corner of her dresser. The cut was very close to the eye (more…)

KidKutsMD iPhone App

Using iPhone App

KidKutsMD™ was conceived by Dr. Trovato in 2010; in 2014, we decided to build a mobile app for the convenience of parents and pediatricians; the iPhone app is now available, making access to your plastic surgeon even more efficient.

Remote evaluation study

Remote evaluation study

Beginning in 2008, Dr. Trovato studied the use of digital images in order to help streamline care for plastic surgery patients. His research group concluded that remote digital images could provide accurate management decisions in over 90% of cases. (more…)

KidKutsMD on Best Docs Network

Dr. Trovato speaks with Best Docs Network about KidKutsMD™, his concierge approach to pediatric plastic surgery.